Organizational Structure

Governing Bodies of the AIP

The AIP stands out as a fully participatory organization, giving membership and voting privileges to its students and candidates as well as its junior faculty and senior analysts.

Board of Directors

The following Officers of the Board of Directors are selected for three-year terms by the membership of the AIP and can be re-elected for a second three-year term:

President, Chair of the Board of Directors: Arthur A. Lynch, Ph.D.

Vice–President/Treasurer: Lisa Mounts, L.C.S.W.

Secretary/Chair of the Membership Committee: Michele A. Muñoz, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Affairs: Kenneth Winarick, Ph.D.

Director of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program:

Chair of the Professional Education Committee: Donna Lieberman, Psy.D.

Candidate and Student Director (elected by the Candidate and Students Association for a one-year term): Hannah Emmerich, L.C.S.W. & Melinda Gallagher, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Training Committee

Members of the Training Committee serve three-year terms. The following Training Committee members are elected by the membership of the AIP:

Director of Academic Affairs, Chair of the Training Committee: Kenneth Winarick, Ph.D.

Director of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program:

Chair of the Professional Education Committee: Donna Lieberman, Psy.D.

Candidates & Students Association

The Candidates and Students Association (CSA) has been a vital part of the Institute from its inception. The CSA elects a Candidate and Student Director to serve on the Board of Directors as a representative of the interests of the candidates and students. This assures an on-going dialogue between the colleagues in training and the governing bodies of the AIP. The CSA also sponsors special lectures and events that address the specific interests of the candidates. In addition, the candidates function as informal mentors to more junior students.

Scientific Meetings and Journal Clubs

Scientific Meetings provide a rich forum for prominent psychoanalysts from the larger psychoanalytic community to meet and engage in collegial discussion with our trainees, faculty and mental health practitioners who are welcomed to attend.

The purpose of our journal clubs is to acquaint trainees with the most contemporary issues in the psychoanalytic literature.  Senior faculty leads the stimulation discussion.

AIP Referral Service

The AIP Referral Service provides AIP clinicians the opportunity to work with private patients in either psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Our therapists work with self-referred adults, adolescents and children who present with a wide range of issues. The AIP Referral Service may be contacted online at or by phone at (212) 888-5667.


The four story townhouse at 329 East 62 Street, New York, New York houses three separate organizations: the American Institute for Psychoanalysis, the Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis, also founded in 1941, and the Karen Horney Clinic, founded in 1955. The building has administrative offices, over thirty five treatment rooms, a large auditorium, classrooms and the Muriel Ivimey Library.

For information about the Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis:  


For information about the Karen Horney Clinic, please go to the Clinical Opportunities page or visit the clinic’s website: