About AIP

We welcome your interest in the AIP and our training programs. The AIP was the first institute in the United States to offer analytic training in a spirit of scientific inquiry that welcomes new ideas that broadened the scope of psychoanalysis.  This ethos continues to this day.


Our President and Director of Academic Affairs invite you to learn about the AIP community and its growing opportunities for training and participation.

Our History and Mission

Learn about the long and storied history of the AIP.

Administration and Organizational Structure

The American Institute for Psychoanalysis is an affiliate of APsaA (American Psychoanalytic Association) and of the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association), two internationally known regulatory bodies of psychoanalytic training programs.  The AIP stands out as a fully participatory organization, giving membership and voting privileges to its students and candidates as well as its junior faculty and senior analysts.

  • Governing Bodies of the AIP
  • Candidates & Students Association
  • Scientific Meetings and Journal Clubs
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  • Facilities


The institute prides itself on the quality and diversity of its faculty, many of whom have made significant contributions to psychoanalysis. These experienced psychoanalysts span the spectrum of psychoanalytic thought and encourage candidates and students to develop their own unique perspectives on psychoanalytic theory and technique.


Membership in the AIP allows you full voting privileges so that you can participate in elections and have a voice in the happenings of the Institute. You can be part of committees and those who are certified psychoanalysts can run for different roles on the Board of Directors and Training Committee.