Karen Horney Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Institute in China

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program


In 2016 we established the “Karen Horney Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Institute in China” and began in Guangzhou, China.  This program currently provides training and certification in psychodynamic psychotherapy and membership into the American Institute for Psychoanalysis. The mission of the Karen Horney Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Institute in China is to build a self-sustaining training program for the professional development of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in China.  The response from the professional community has been so outstandingly positive, that in the Fall of 2016 we drew applicants from the regions of Xi’an and Shanghai, while still maintaining small and cohesive classes. Advanced AIP candidates have the opportunity to teach and supervise.

Like our New York City based program The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at the Karen Horney Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Institute in China offers a two-year curriculum of academic courses, clinical experience, individual and group supervision and personal therapy. The program is designed to provide a basic knowledge of psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy.

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Academic Courses

First Year – Semester One
• Psychodynamic Theory I (16 sessions)

• Introduction to Dynamic Psychotherapy: a Horneyan Perspective (16 sessions)

First Year – Semester Two
• Psychodynamic Theory II: Psychopathology, Clinical Assessment and beginning treatment (16 sessions)

• Introduction to Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Contemporary Perspective (16 sessions)

Advancement to the second year of training is based upon successful completion of the first year requirements of courses, individual and group supervision and clinical work.

Second Year – Semester One
• Principles of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy II (16 sessions)
Part A. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship (10 sessions)
Part B. Transference/Countertransference (6 sessions)

Second Year – Semester Two
• Introduction to Human Development

• Technical variations when working with cases of severe trauma –
Part A. The Borderline Spectrum Disorders and Other Patients with Complex Trauma (6 sessions)
Part B. Working with Difficult Patients – the Narcissistic Pathologies (6 Sessions)

• Termination: Endings of the Therapeutic Process (4 sessions)

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Clinical Experience

Each psychodynamic psychotherapy student is required to see five hours of adult patients weekly in individual psychodynamic treatment.

If you are not seeing a psychotherapy patient within one month of beginning the Program, you should discuss this with the administrator at your campus. By the end of the first year, you will be expected to have a minimum of three patient hours per week. By December of your second year you should have five patient hours per week.


A) Individual Supervision
Individual Supervisors in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program are assigned to students in an attempt to best meet the student’s individual educational needs. You will be assigned your supervisor at the beginning of the semester.

In the second year, you will be able to select your individual supervisor. If you have any difficulties in coordinating your individual supervision please contact administrator at the Guangzhou campus. The required number of supervision hours is 40 for each academic year.

In the middle of the year, you and your supervisor are encouraged to review your progress, using the “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program – Evaluation of Clinical Work” Form. At the end of the year, your supervisor will fill out this form and review it with you, before submitting it to the Registrar.

B) Group Supervision
Group supervision takes place once a week online. The address and start date will be provided to you in advance. You may have a different group supervisor each year. Group meets a minimum of 40 times each year.

C) Program Advisors
Drs. Winarick and Lynch will also function as your Program Advisor. You should consult with them should you have any questions about the program and/or your progress in your training.

Personal Psychotherapy

Personal Psychotherapy at the frequency of at least one session per week is a requirement of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program. If you do not have a therapist, please contact administrator at your campus. If you are already in therapy with someone who is not a graduate of the Institute, no change is required. However, we do need to verify your therapist’s credentials.

Completion of the Program

Following the fulfillment of all the requirements of the program, you will receive a Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, acknowledging the completion of this postgraduate training.

Administrative Matters

Any questions about Clinic policies should be directed to the assigned administrator in your region. All administrative changes in your overall program must be approved by the Training Committee of the American Institute of Psychoanalysis.

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